Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Preparing for the Fair

Welp, the Riley County Fair is days away. And I am super busy. After my wonderful 9-6, I come home, spent time with the fam and after the babies are down FREAK OUT at how much I have left to do!! But, I got a great call tonight that made me feel like it's going to be SO worth it. She called to special order a pair of large threads for a girlfriend of hers. Very awesome--especially since I have decided to never again make them AT festivals. It was so nerve racking at the Stampede. I wanted to talk, share my art and enjoy myself. Instead I was nervous and cranking out custom threads like a little animal! Does this look like the face of a happy vendor? Nope. haha

So this time, it's all about the henna. :)

My fingers hurt from making earrings and pendants this week anyway. So I've taken a break and prepared another batch of henna. I've been practicing my doodles on myself. (My thighs are covered in the stuff, safely hidden from view!)

Tonight I finished off my 3rd batch of henna. My recipe yeilds 5 cones of henna perfection! haha It's very potent. I hope I will have enough to practice this art on you all at the Fair this weekend.

So bring your $5 bucks and get ready to shine!! :o)

Can't wait to doodle on you!!

Ber :o)

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