Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Since the only way I can get into my blog is via email, I have decided to move this blog to WordPress.

Sorry for the inconvenience. At least I've done it while the blog is still young.

Keep up to date with me at

Again, thanks for your support!

? Amber :o)
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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Tutorial Price

Well yall, I have let it stand for a few extra days. I'm still locked out of this blog and gmail account, so I wasn't able to edit the original post.

The promotional price is over. The tutorial is now 16 dollars. So sorry about that if you missed it.

I saw another tutorial that JUST came out on the 10th. I wanted to choke. Not because a new tutorial is available, but because the finished product of the earring looked awful. (Really sorry, but it's so true).

So if you grab my tutorial, trust me you will not be sorry. I've received great feedback and seen pics of the fab creations that were made using the instructions in my tutorial. People are definately having a ball with it!

Well, that's all for now yall.

Love ya! Be fabulous!

? Amber :o)
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Friday, August 14, 2009

My First Consignment

So a wonderful couple came into my world not too long ago.

They've opened a wonderful consignment store right on Ft. Riley Blvd here in Manhattan and have asked if they can sell my earrings in their store!

I am so excited. I visited the store for the first time tonight dropping of a stash of those MadeByAmber threads!

Of course I'm still locked out of my blog. I'm going to move it to Wordpress soon. (

Anyway, check out or stop by 2047 Ft.
Riley Blvd in Manhattan, KS!

And be fabulous!

? Amber :o)
Made by me....undeniably YOU!

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Monday, August 3, 2009

The Riley County Fair

So I totally wanted to type this on my lapotop instead of my bberry, but apparently I am locked out. :o(

If I can't get back in soon I may change blog sites. :(

At any rate, a lot of people have asked me how the Riley County Fair went. So here was my experience. Sorry no pics at the moment.

So it started out pretty rough. I found out that my 10 x 10 booth was on an incline! At first I didn't think it was bad until I started setting up my earrings. Oh my! It was steep! I had to use the bed risers that I usually use on all four legs of my tables to only the legs in the front. It was very odd. And extremely uncomfortable sitting down the entire time. My chiropracter (who incidentally had a booth just next to mine) made me aware that due to the way I sit with my legs crossed most of the time, my hips are out of whack and make one leg slightly shorter than the other. :) I'm sure 5 days sitting on a slant did nothing to help the matter. Haha

By the end of the first day I discovered that my friends may have needed a bit more understanding of what henna actually is, so I made another sign explaining the proccess. It really helped.

Day 2 and 3 picked up nicely. But I'm so glad I decided to do henna as well. My clients were at the fair to have fun, eat great food, see exhibits--not to buy super cool jewelry. So if all I had were my earrings I would have been a sad girl.

In terms of my Henna designs, the 5-ers book I got from were nice. I've done more crosses than anything else. I also had some special requests. I got to learn a treble/bass cleff heart, as well as a lily. :o). And the glitter was VERY popular.

I always seemed to be the last one to tear down as the teens would come out and night. Haha

I spent my downtime searching for new henna designs to learn, and laughing with Fred and the girls. :o)

Aside from misplacing my wallet on Sunday (which I have finally decided to stop searching for), the event was successful. I loved my tent update, my fam, my friends that came by to let me practice on them, and the experience I got out of it.

Man, once I get back into blogger, I promise to post pics. :o)

Love yall,

Be fabulous!

Amber :o)
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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thread Earring Tutorial

I'm sure I'll hear about this one, but darn it... this is the year 2009! Information should be available if you want it!

I searched high and low looking for information on how to make thread earrings and had to figure it out on my own. But YOU DON'T HAVE TO!!

Yeup, it's a tutorial! Purchase today and make your very own threads tomorrow!! :o)

You will receive your 34 page tutorial complete with over 40 pictures to guide you to ultimate fabulosity! :)

After payment is confirmed, you will get your tutorial sent to the same email address used for payment via paypal.

AND.... as feedback comes back to me from the tutorial, you will recieve all subsequent versions/updates of this tutorial for free.


Thanks again for your support.

Be Fabulous!

Amber :o)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Preparing for the Fair

Welp, the Riley County Fair is days away. And I am super busy. After my wonderful 9-6, I come home, spent time with the fam and after the babies are down FREAK OUT at how much I have left to do!! But, I got a great call tonight that made me feel like it's going to be SO worth it. She called to special order a pair of large threads for a girlfriend of hers. Very awesome--especially since I have decided to never again make them AT festivals. It was so nerve racking at the Stampede. I wanted to talk, share my art and enjoy myself. Instead I was nervous and cranking out custom threads like a little animal! Does this look like the face of a happy vendor? Nope. haha

So this time, it's all about the henna. :)

My fingers hurt from making earrings and pendants this week anyway. So I've taken a break and prepared another batch of henna. I've been practicing my doodles on myself. (My thighs are covered in the stuff, safely hidden from view!)

Tonight I finished off my 3rd batch of henna. My recipe yeilds 5 cones of henna perfection! haha It's very potent. I hope I will have enough to practice this art on you all at the Fair this weekend.

So bring your $5 bucks and get ready to shine!! :o)

Can't wait to doodle on you!!

Ber :o)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Testing testing

I can blog via email! Get outta town! Lol

? Amber :o)
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